Hey folks-
It is with great sadness that we must announce that Steam and Cinders will NOT be continuing for further seasons.

Over the last season game leadership found running Steam and Cinders and keeping up a standard that we could be proud of impossibly demanding in the face of our professional, educational and personal needs. So we’ve decided to call it here rather than run ourselves ragged putting together a game that doesn’t live up to our vision.

For those of you who have been with us for any of the last two and a half years or longer – thank you for your support and we’re sorry to let you down. Many of us are already discussing getting involved with (or starting) other games and we encourage you to do so as well… (Ballad and Divine Intervention are two Be Epic games starting in 2017 that both look great).

If there’s interest we’ll be holding a closing event in lieu of our Winter feast – our current plan is to do so February 17th of 2017 at the Hibernian Hall in Watertown.

It’s had its ups and downs, of course, but all in all we’ve loved running this game for you and we’ll miss that. We hope to see you at other games soon.

Journey with us to the “New World.”

Steam & Cinders: The New World is the second chapter of the story of Attus, a world where steam powered science rules, and mysterious horrors stalk in the night. 

Make the treacherous journey to Prosperity, in the recently colonized continent of Orlund. Wield science, political power, wit, and brawn to discover what terrors and wonders lurk in the wilds there.

Make your mark, earn your fortune, face unknown terrors, or die horribly.